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Chapter One Devotionals: God's Nature,
 His Word and His Promises

1] For God So Loved the World (God Is Love)
2] Remind Me Again (God's Love and Forgiveness)
3] Against All Hope (God Is Faithful to Fulfill His Promises)
4] A God of All, Not Some (God Is Your Source)
5] Built to Last (God's Word Is Eternal)
6] Build Your Life on Solid Rock (God's Word Is True)
7] Add to Your "Must Read" List (Where Do You Get Your Truth?)
8] To Him Who Is Able (I Am a Child of God)
9] But If It Dies (God's Law of Seedtime and Harvest)
10] Are Your Servants Waiting on You? (Angels Sent from God)
11] Lack Follows Separation (God's Way Is Abundance)
12] We Can Certainly Do It (Believe in and Trust God's Promises)
13] You Have Said It Yourself (Spoken Words Lead to Our Destiny)
14] Do You Want Milk or Meat? (The Believer's Daily Diet)
15] Are You Spiritually Fit? (The Need for Spiritual Training)
16] Are You Wise or Foolish? (Benefits of Reading God's Word)
17] Are You a Good Student? (Be Diligent as You Study God's Word)
18] Desires of Your Heart (Treat Everyday Like Christmas)
19] Do You Worship God or Money? (Your Calendar and Checkbook)
20] God's Glory Moved Across the Room (A Cloud of Glory)
21] Ask God to Trouble Your Trouble (God is Your Help and Protection)
22] Pray for a Big Belly (Filled with Living Water)


Chapter Two Devotionals: Marriage and
  Family are God's Building Blocks

1] Get Up and Leave (God, Marriage, Family and Work)
2] A Good Wife (The Importance of Marriage and Family)
3] A Perfect Sanctuary (Peace in Our House)
4] God Is My Witness (The Power of Testimony and Agreement)
5] Adam's First Sin Was a Failure to Lead (Crisis of Leadership)
6] God Made Wives to be Coaches and Mentors (A Perfect Helper)


Chapter Three Devotionals: Jesus,
  Full of Grace and Truth

1] God with Us (Jesus Is Alive)
2] Forget Facebook! (Say Yes, Like, and Connect with Jesus)
3] Earnestly Desired (Jesus' Desire to Hang Out and Share a Meal)
4] Blood Rights (Understanding Your Inheritance)
5] Do You Need a Trailblazer? (Let Jesus Lead the Way)
6] You Have a Personal Agent (A Divine Mediator)
7] Jesus Calls Me Friend (He Really Likes Me)
8] All Are One (Can You See Him in Me?)
9] Do You Carry His Initials? (You Are Custom Made by Jesus)
10] Remain, Remain, Remain (Listen and Stay Close)
11] Calling All Sick Sinners (Jesus Makes House Calls)
12] Even Demons Know Jesus (Jesus Is Real)
13] The Gift of Peace (Life with Jesus)
14] Just Believe (The Power of Believing)
15] Heirs of God (Co-Heirs with Christ to All of God's Promises)
16] We Are More Than Conquerors (Victory in Every Situation)
17] A Public Spectacle (The Cross Changed Everything)
18] Bubbling Over (Filled with Hope)
19] Forget the Personal Bodyguard (Jesus Is Your Protection)
20] Driving Up Jesus Christ Parkway (Following Jesus)
21] A Bond Servant of Jesus Christ (Damascus Road Experience)
22] A Peace Only His Blood Can Purchase (The Gift Like No Other)
23] A Way Out (Christ Is Our Escape)
24] Are You a Name Dropper? (You Can Call on the Name of Jesus)
25] Are You Feeling Weary or Faint? (Give Jesus the Extra Weight)
26] Being Fully Persuaded (Refuse to Stagger in Unbelief)
27] Forget American Express (God's Grace Is All You Need)
28] The Door to Abundant Life (Jesus' Promise to Every Believer)
29] A Prayer of Protection (Divine Favor and Intervention)
30] Bathing Under God's Faucet of Grace (Grace Every Morning)
31] Wise and Full of the Spirit (The Grace to Serve)
32] Jesus Talked to God on Your Behalf (Jesus Prayed for You and Me)


Chapter Four Devotionals: Rule and Reign in Divine Authority

1] Faith Comes (Origin of Faith)
2] Get Your Mind Right (Set the Thermostat of Your Mind)
3] Are You Willing to Learn? (Prerequisites for Change)
4] Heaven's Seesaw (God Uses Play to Teach Us about Life)
5] Are You Real or Counterfeit? (Commit to Authenticity)
6] Imitate and Copy at Will (Choose to be Like Jesus)
7] Going to Church or Masquerade Ball? (Be Genuine)
8] A New Life on Monday (Let Go of the Old You)
9] I Gave You Milk (Are You Chewing on God's Word?)
10] Your Words Lead to Guilt or Innocence (Talking Has Consequences)
11] Walking in the Spirit of the Lord (God's Power and Anointing)
12] Be Encouraged (In the Midst of Despair Turn to the Lord)
13] Faith Supports Your Spiritual Immune System (Get Healthy)
14] Clothed with Power (Walking in the Spirit)
15] Lord, Help Me to be Fat and Happy! (Thick with His Power)
16] Your Tongue Is a Divine Instrument (Speak Blessings Not Curses)
17] Will You Give the Extra Effort? (Persistence Pays Off)
18] You Are God's Flashlight? (How Bright Is Your Light?)
19] Are You Driven or Directed? (Self-Effort vs Spirit-Led)
20] Faith Is Spelled CONFIDENCE (Your Personal Guarantee)
21] Is It Time for a Name Change? (Faith vs Doubt and Unbelief)


Chapter Five Devotionals: Your Divine Calling and Purpose

1] Calling or Career? (Calling Trumps Career)
2] Find Your Passion (Pursue the Dreams God Has Given You)
3] Knowing God's Call on Your Life (First Who and then How)
4] From Tagline to Life's Mission (Passion, Faith and Boldness)
5] A Prophet Is Not without Honor (Their Unbelief)
6] Will You Give Up Sleep for Jesus? (Get Up, This Is Important!)
7] Transitions Call for Spiritual Shepherds (A Higher Stage of Calling)
8] Lessons on Work from a Father (Calling and Purpose)
9] Are You an "At Once" Believer? (Answering the Call)
10] A New Model for Coaching (Called to Speak the Truth in Love)
11] A Man Carrying a Jar of Water (No Small Tasks)
12] Are You Made from Good Clay? (Yield to the Master Potter)
13] Divine Appointments (What Is Your Calling?)
14] Come and See (Refuse to Listen to Doubters and Haters)
15] You Will Become a Different Person (God Has a New You in Mind)
16] Knowing When (God's Will and His Perfect Timing)
17] 300 Men Blowing Trumpets (Trust God Even in Foolish Things)
18] Have You Washed Any Feet Lately? (We Need Servant Leaders)
19] Speak Lord, Your Servant Is Listening (Learning to Be Still)
20] Before You Were Born I Set You Apart (Knowing What Not How)
21] He Chose Twelve (Have You Been Chosen?)


Chapter Six Devotionals: Satan, Demons and Spiritual Warfare

1] Soldiers Telling War Stories (Satan Falls from Heaven)
2] What Business Do We Have with You? (Satan's Enemy)
3] Back Off Satan! (Be Clear Who Is Talking to You)
4] Window of Opportunity (Beware the Thief)
5] Satan Is Crushed Under My Feet (Rescued by Jesus)
6] Serpents, Scorpions and Satan (No Fear Here)
7] Wrestling in Prayer (Zealous and Persistent Prayer)
8] Violent Faith (Be Bold, Get Up and Fight)


Chapter Seven Devotionals: Loving God and Seeking His Presence

1] An Act of Worship (Give Your Heart and Treasures to God)
2] Where Are the Other Nine? (Don't Forget to Give God Praise)
3] Everything I Have Is Yours (Repentance and a Father's Love)
4] Do You Really Love Me? (Saying It Is Not Enough)
5] I Am Isaac Not Ishmael (Child of Promise)
6] Hosea and Gomer, God's Love Story (God's Love and Faithfulness)
7] Is Your Peace Tied to Money? (Find Perfect Peace in Jesus)
8] Because You Belong to God (Listen to Your Father's Voice)
9] A Cause for Celebration (A Prodigal Son Comes Home)
10] Fathers and Sons Must Walk Together (A Model of Faith and Trust)
11] Is God a Reality in Your Work Life? (Do You Take God to Work?)
12] Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow (Run Back into His Arms)


Chapter Eight Devotionals: Loving and Serving Others

1] A Simple Leadership Test (Will You Put Others First?)
2] Give the Advantage to Others (Live in Covenant and Put Others First)
3] The Real Thing (Love, the Secret Ingredient)
4] Forget the Lawyers (Love God and Love Others)
5] Wanted: "Real Men" (Stand Strong and Walk in Love)
6] Refresh the Hearts of Others (Lift Others Up by Walking in Love)
7] Are You Loving and Christ-Like? (Christ Will Draw Others to You)
8] Blessed to Be a Blessing (Giving to Others Pleases God)
9] Servant Leaders Go to the End of the Line (First Must Become Last)
10] The Privilege of Giving (Give Joyfully)
11] Have I Become Your Enemy? (Responding to the Truth)
12] Cherished Often Means Corrected (The Need for Tough Love)
13] Blessed by the Lord and Left in Peace (Resolving Conflict)
14] How Long Do I Have to Put Up with You? (Control Your Emotions)
15] A Holy Kiss (Interacting with Fellow Christians)
16] A Peculiar People (Stand Out from the Crowd)
17] How Bright Is Your Light? (Be a Light in the Darkness)
18] Be an Example (Serve as a Role Model)
19] Do You Produce Good Fruit? (The Ultimate Test of Every Leader)
20] The Cost of Unforgiveness (Walk in Love)
21] Judas was No Surprise (Forgiveness in the Face of Betrayal)


Chapter Nine Devotionals:
Miracles, Healing and Deliverance

1] I Am the Resurrection (Die to Self and Live)
2] This Mummy Is No Horror Story (Jesus Raises the Dead)
3] A Divine Facelift (Jesus Gives Makeovers)
4] A 2-Piece Fish Meal and a Miracle (Keep Your Eyes on Jesus)
5] Faith in the Master Physician (Healing and Deliverance)
6] Be Loosed and Set Free (Jesus Will Set You Free)
7] Access Granted (Hear God's Voice and Simply Believe)
8] Jesus Christ Supernatural Superglue (Mend Your Broken Parts)
9] Begging for a Simple Touch (Divine Healing)


Chapter Ten Devotionals:
Humility, Obedience and Faithfulness

1] A Servant for the Lord (Are You Faithful and Dedicated?)
2] Who Is Operating Your Controls? (Submission and Surrender)
3] Jesus Followed Orders (Love-Based Obedience)
4] Above Reproach (Held to a Higher Standard)
5] Will You Do Exactly What You're Told? (Jesus Followed Orders)
6] Are You a Deserter or Faithful Follower? (Do Not Quit)
7] Ask God to Be Your Master Gardener (Pruning Is a Necessity)
8] Pride and Arrogance (Satan's Calling Cards)


Chapter Eleven Devotionals:
Pride, Selfishness, Rebellion
and Disobedience

1] Forget Drano (Are Your Pipes Clogged?)
2] The Perverted Mind of a Willful Rebel (A Hardened Heart)
3] Close Encounters with a Whale (Cost of Disobedience)
4] Are You a Sheep or a Goat? (Do You Follow or Wander Off?)
5] Rebellion in the Ranks (Rebellion and Resistance)
6] Spiritual Blindness (Blindness of the Heart)
7] A Single Act of Rebellion (Living Under Jesus' Rules)
8] Are You Ready to Obey and Submit? (Overcome Strongholds)
9] Do You Break all the Rules? (Vision and Teams)


Chapter Twelve Devotionals:
Temptation and Divine Destiny

1] My Grief Is Almost Killing Me (Victory over Depression)
2] Heaven's Escape Artist (God Makes a Way Out)
3] Everyone Deserted Him and Fled (The Pain of Betrayal)
4] A Liar and a Thief (Beware of the "Kiss of Death")


Chapter Thirteen Devotionals:
Stand Firm in the Face of Adversity

1] Lessons from the Classroom of Adversity (Let God Lead You)
2] The Secret to Peace (Overcoming Adversity)
3] A Willing Spirit (Good Intentions Are Not Enough)
4] Down, But Never Out (I Am Ready for a Fight)
5] Do You Have Walk-on-Water Faith? (No Fear Here)
6] A Thorn to Keep Me Humble (Pain Serves a Purpose)
7] Joy at the Finish Line (Refuse to Give Up, Cave In or Quit)
8] A Foolish Thing (Counting vs. Trusting)
9] You of Little Faith (Giving In to Fear)
10] A Moment of Truth (Letting Go of Hurt and Disappointment)
11] Job Search Is a Journey in the Wilderness (Trust God)


Chapter Fourteen Devotionals:
Faith and Work

1] God Created the First Start Up (Heaven and Earth)
2] Business God's Way (Supernatural Manifestation)
3] God Created Contracts (Covenants and Faithfulness)
4] Working "God's List" (First Things FIRST)
5] Are Visitors Welcome? (Do You Take God to Work?)
6] The Greatest Recruiting Drive in History (Say Yes to Jesus)
7] Ask Your Boss for a Double Portion (Ask for Promotion)
8] Unbelief Cancels Your Rights (Faith vs. Unbelief)
9] Centurion Faith (Do You Have It?)
10] How Bad Do You Want It? (Asking Leads to Having)
11] Lord, Because You Say So (Will You Say "Yes, Lord?")
12] What Name Shall We Call You? (Reputation and Legacy)
13] A Careful Scrutiny (Have You Examined Your Work Lately?)
14] Don't Worry About What to Say (Listen to the Holy Spirit)
15] Commitment to Excellence (Doing Your Best or Just Enough?)
16] Hanging Out with Jesus (Talking to a Friend)
17] Your Boss Wants all of You (Give All You Have)
18] Choose Carefully (Your Choices Matter)
19] Personal Time with God (Joy and Excitement)
20] Jealousy and Envy Can Kill (Pull Up Poisonous Weeds)
21] Effective Leaders See Clearly (What Is Your Filter or Bias?)
22] God's Sprinkler System (God Pours Out His Spirit on the World)
23] God's 24-Hour Helpline (Are You Sleepless in Seattle?)
24] Going Before the Executive Committee (Be Bold, Plead Your Case)
25] Do You Aim for Perfection? (Look Up and Reach for the Stars)
26] A Loyal Employee (Can Others Count On Your Faithfulness?)
27] Your Face Is always on God's Mind (God's Tattoo)
28] Jesus Is Your High Priest (A Recommendation that Lasts for Eternity)
29] Fight the Good Fight (What Is Your Record of Wins vs. Losses?)
30] Follow Leaders Who Walk with a Limp! (The Price of Transformation)
31] Yes and Amen (Power in Agreement)
32] Jesus and Branding (Do You Wear His Brand?)
33] What Are Your Communication Goals? (Think, Say, Do)

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