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opera quæ feci

These objects were created to document the history of their creation and for your enjoyment. Select any of the pictures to enter the room where they are found.


You must come up to my house some day
and let me show you about.
You must walk with me where the dragons play:
perhaps we’ll let them out!

My attic has a view sublime,
and the walls a thousand snares
to warp the very threads of time
and bring up creatures from the slime
to feed to the beast downstairs.

The piano in my conservatoire
plays to a different space,
resounding chords like rich perfume:
it’s half past three when clocks resume,
and time again takes place.

So come enjoy a walk with me
in my exclusive garden!
We’ll find a strain
of classic cane
that causes blood to harden.

It will surpass all tests --
do pack your travelling chests.
Companionship would be a boon.
Oh, do you think you’ll make it soon?
We’re running out of guests.

Fredericus scripsit