Information about viewing the E-Broadcast:

What your computer should have:

1. The Microsoft Windows Media Player version 8 or above. 

It's free and is already installed on most computers. If it's not installed on yours, click here to download the free player, then return to the main E-broadcast page you were viewing. This step will usually be all you need.

2. A fast Internet connection

Residential DSL or Business DSL, Cable, T1 or T2 are adequate

3. A pretty fast computer

If it's a Dell computer you're probably up to speed (no, we don't sell 'em, we don't even have one, but they have the reputation for working fast and right.)

4. An Internet Browser, preferably Microsoft Internet Explorer

"But I don't like Internet Explorer! I like Netscape! Plus, I'm a Macintosh user! What are you going to do about it?"
Answer: Support is coming shortly. We're presently configured for the majority of computers, but everyone should have support soon. However, the E-Broadcast is generally viewable if you have the Windows Media Player installed on the same computer even if you're using Netscape. Read on.

Is that all I need?

Basically, yes. E-Broadcast Stations supported by the E-Broadcast Center ( will add support in the near future for the following: