Explanatory notes:

"Bandwidth" = the amount of megabytes streamed to the viewer’s computer to be displayed as the E-broadcast itself. Bandwidth charges are a normal pay-for item similar to fees for transporting cargo. They are not expensive, and there are various ways to control them.

"Term" (column) means the period of time over which we expect to produce and deliver a set number of "Update Report"-type broadcasts.

Costs – You should anticipate nominal and normal extra costs for server streaming "bandwidth" charges that currently run about 10-11 cents per showing per e-broadcast.

DP5, the "Product Marketplace" type E-broadcast. Client supplies demo field footage or existing marketing video, which can, of course, be edited for inclusion in the E-broadcast.

About "The Presenter" – similar to a slide show; streaming movie content appears only when needed. Saves bandwidth costs.

Video sequences custom-created for "The Presenter Plus" . For example, you might need to produce 5 1-minute modules that will be inserted into the presentation slides. The modules are actually small separate streaming E-broadcasts that could be used for showcasing packaging award winners, or a caulking demonstration, or a customer-service trainee demo on answering customer queries, or even showing how an industrial circuit-breaker is racked out and in from an equipment cabinet in a substation.



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