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Devotionals and Song From the Heart of America


There will be a series of 14 approximately-half-hour audio programs for radio broadcast or Internet streaming. Meanwhile, this page presents links to VIDEOS.

Why create these VIDEOS then?

Because they show a timing counter with labels identifying a Devotional, a Song, a "Continuer" (short ID thingy), or a SPOT (announcement) window.

SPOTS give each program the chance to present messages or promotions; they are possibilities at this point and nothing more.

Click any video frame to start OR STOP, OR PAUSE. You may right-click an image, then 'show controls' for options. Try it, you'll like it.

Credits: Devotional readings with permission of the author are from the book, "Arise, SHINE, Be Encouraged" by Gary L. Selman -- available from booksellers, from Amazon, or online from YourFirstCall-dot-net. Music excerpts were furnished under fair use online by the Southern Light Gospel Music Network.

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