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The best method is to reach potential members by creating a membership-benefits E-Broadcast Station. 

The on-demand broadcast is typically a 2-3-minute, very exciting or convincing review of how you have enabled your constituency by providing information, networking, training, lobbying, etc.

In short, it will be a movie about your assn, selling membership. Plan on having board members, regular members, etc., appear on the broadcast. 

We will acquire these sequences by videotaping at your headquarters or anywhere in the field. After that, you can link the E-Broadcast station to your web site’s sign-up page, or to a staffer that can provide personal attention to queries from potential new dues-paying members.

The price ballpark can be the same as for our DP0 get-started product at $1900. The DPM1 on-line training broadcast is $3798. (These may not provide everything you need, although the results can be impressive.)

Growing Membership                             An Information Resource

Prepared originally for American Physical Therapy Assn by CyberSystems  888-843-3636


This brief document will address some of the common challenges encountered by associations as they seek to increase their membership.  Where the association is operated as a support for professional people in a given profession, for example, the association is a business, and the members are its customers.


Do members want the association to grow?


Usually they do, because of better networking and other benefits for themselves.  When your association begins a membership campaign, it’s important to inform existing members (for example on the web site) that growth will benefit them by making better quality meetings and products available.  For any given member, the other members comprise a resource in experience and information that the association management will share through conventions and networking and products in the “association store.”


How would the APTA Private Practice Section, for example, begin to build membership?


Begin by surveying the number of registered practitioners who are not yet members. Include all North America and possibly other countries.  Be aware of other associations that may be seeking to represent the same professionals as you do.


What are some of the tools employed?


General mailings and letter-writing campaigns can be sent to prospective members. This is based on a database or mailing list you may already have, or which you can acquire commercially or by doing your own research (usually online).  Make it a 2-page letter, and include some direct quotations from existing members who can honestly describe the benefits you already offer.


Make a slide-show presentation at your next annual meeting, where the message is “we are growing.” Show the attendees how they can benefit from growth, and offer some kind of perk (15% off dues?) for recruiting new practitioners to be members of the Private Practice Section. 


In both cases above, make some canvassing telephone calls to prospects. This need not be “telemarketing”, but should be positioned as a professional contact from APTA’s PPS representing the thousands of existing practitioners who already belong.


The following recommendation involves a specialist like me, and it is where I believe you will get the quickest and most dramatic number of inquiries.  A card disk is a mini CD that still has the appeal and impact plain CDROMs used to have, and can even replace the conventional brochures and mailing pieces.  I have provided a sample of what the disk and its printed sleeve would look like. When you put this card disk into the CD slot in your computer, it begins with an introductory movie. There are high-definition pictures of professional activities, plus illustrations of all the services you can provide to the professional community of physical therapists.  We can include personal testimonials and appeals by actual human beings, taken during an on-camera recording session. Plus, and this is a very good idea, you can include some documents, tables, or other printed resources, that will benefit the person or their practice at once… documents, for example, taken from some of your existing publications but abridged or written for the card disk.  And, of course, the card disk will include links to your web site: you will have created a few destination web pages that tie in with this promotion.


Other Resources

There are fine resources for increasing membership to be found at ASAE (The American Society of association Executives), and the GWSAE (Greater Washington S.A.E.


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These great online E- broadcasts have the attention of all those broadband users who now represent the majority of time and money spent online. You'll reach more of the audience you really want at a cost of pennies per person, because bandwidth is exponentially cheaper than sending a videotape overnight. And it's better: it's more immediate. It's more personal and powerful, all the benefits of television at a fraction of the cost. And because it's delivered digitally, you'll know precisely whom you're reaching and which messages are resonating.